These 3 Words Will Change Your Life

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by Dana on May 16, 2012

Has there ever been something you really wanted to do—or an opportunity you wanted to take advantage of—but you talked yourself out of it with one of the following thoughts?

  • “I can’t afford that.”
  • “I don’t have time for that.”
  • “I don’t know how.”

Don’t let it happen again! Take back your power with these 3 simple words…

How can I…?

So the previous statements would become…

  • How can I afford that?”
  • How can I make time for that?”
  • How can I learn how to do that?”

Because in all reality, if your life depended on it—or better yet, if your child’s life depended on it—I guarantee you could find the money, make the time and learn how to do just about anything.

Shifting your perspective in this way forces you to become really creative. So, for example, say you have the chance to take a course that would significantly increase your career options—but it would be a bit of a stretch financially. Commit to figuring out how you can make it work. Can you sell some old furniture, electronics or clothes? Take on a freelancing gig? Skip your mani/pedis and lattes for the next few months? Or get a loan?

Or let’s use the same scenario of taking an important course—but maybe lack of money’s not your main obstacle,; it’s lack of time. So how can you free up some more time in your life? Could you ask your spouse to pitch in with the kids more? Could you hire a housecleaner? Could you start using a grocery delivery service? Hire a neighborhood high school or college student to run your errands?

So from this point forward, when you’re presented with a huge opportunity that could catapult you in the direction of your dreams – just ask yourself how you’re going to make It work!

In fact, I’d like you to think of one opportunity right now that you’ve been holding back on and brainstorm at least 20 creative options for overcoming whatever obstacles are in your way. Then pick your top few and get moving on them. I promise you won’t be sorry!