Surround Yourself with Things You Adore

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by Dana on June 7, 2012

You may have heard Oprah say in the past that your home should rise up to meet you. Well, I completely agree. I believe that you should ADORE every single item you have in your house—and that your surroundings should fill you with energy and inspire you.

So do you ADORE all of the things around you?

Do you have art that you love up on the walls? Are you displaying all those great pictures you have of the people you love—or are they just sitting in your iPhone waiting to be developed? What about anything you have that hold special memories for you? Are they hidden in a box in the basement or displayed out where people can see them or maybe in a beautiful box that honors them?

You may want to invest in new, fluffy bath towels that all match each other, or high-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Or maybe look in your closet…Are you using plastic hangers or those wire ones from the drycleaners? Why not transfer your clothes to beautiful wood hangers and make your closet look like a boutique?

Another great tip is to make sure you have something “live” around you—like fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit.

These subtle things will make a big difference—and if money’s an issue, you can get beautiful things at a great bargain at discount stores like Target or Homegoods, or unique handmade items on Etsy.

So my challenge to you is to look around your house and find 5 different ways that you can make the space “feel” more like you—and then make the changes. Remember: Whatever you add doesn’t need be expensive; it just has to be beautiful to you. You must ADORE it!