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by Dana on July 22, 2013

Let me ask you a question…Are you on track to hit your 2013 goals?

As you know, we just passed the half-way mark for the year and I’ve talked with a number of entrepreneurs recently who aren’t sure whether they’ll reach their targets for the year, based on their progress and results from the last 6 months. Does this resonate with you?

Maybe you’re getting to the point where you know it’s finally time to take your business seriously and get the training and support you need…Or maybe you’re at a crossroads and unsure of the right path to take without some outside strategic direction…Or maybe you’re so frustrated and disheartened that you’re wondering whether you’re really cut out to be a business owner and you’re considering throwing in the towel.

Here’s what I know for sure…Going it alone does not work. Left to their own devices, very few people ever reach their full potential. Here’s why: You don’t know what you don’t know to get to the next level. If you did, you’d already be there. Highly successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with mentors and coaches who can help them advance in their businesses.

Teaching entrepreneurs how to attract more clients and make more money–all while enjoying an abundance of time, freedom & FUN–is my passion and personal mission.

I LOVE working with clients one-on-one…helping them grow their businesses and share their gifts with the world in a big way. I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level…celebrating their accomplishments with them and helping them get “unstuck” when frustration hits.

That’s why I’m currently opening up 2 one-on-one coaching spots. (It was 3, but one spot was just scooped up.)

If you’ve ever thought that I could help you build a business that makes great money, while you get to do what you love and be your most authentic self, then simply visit this link and answer a few short confidential questions. (Please note that completing the questionnaire does not obligate you to work with me. It will simply indicate whether you and I are a good match to potentially work together.)

I’ll be personally reviewing all of the questionnaires and if it seems like a fit, you’ll receive an email from someone on my team with more information about the 2 spots that are available.

Imagine how it would feel to have a mentor who is personally invested in the success of your business…a thought partner…someone who will stretch you further than you might have thought you could go. What would it feel like to have access to me personally, and be able to ask me questions anytime you’re feeling stuck…to get the step-by-step marketing advice and business guidance you’ve been looking for…to have a plan all laid out for you?

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated and alone in your business, then the time to get support is now. Submit your information here.

If you have any questions at all, just send an email to  info@danadorsi.com and someone will be in touch right away.

I can’t wait to learn more about your situation and see if I can help!

To your courage, brilliance & wild success,


P.S. Because of the significant amount of time and energy that go into my one-on-one services, I can only work with a limited number of private clients. Once these spots fill, I will be starting a waiting list so if you think now may be the time to explore this opportunity, I’d love to learn more about you and your goals. Go to this link now.