I used to take my computer to the bathroom with me (true story)

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by Dana on September 2, 2013

As you may know, this Wednesday, I’m hosting my newest FREE training call on the topic of productivity for business owners. I announced the call last week, but something just occurred to me… I realized that you might have thought that time management was an area I was always strong in–and that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, if I’m being completely honest with you, I used to SUCK at this!

I have a long history of over-committing myself, procrastinating and feeling suffocated with overwhelm.  My earliest memory of this is from the third grade, when I had to stay up until 3 in the morning to finish my Science project on solenoids (and for the record, I couldn’t even tell you what a solenoid is at this point). You’d think I might have learned my lesson from this, but no…This was the first of many long nights for me frantically completing school projects up until I graduated from college.

But the overwhelm didn’t end there…Even into adulthood, I would run myself ragged, trying to be all things to all people, never wanting to disappoint…I never wanted to say “no” and miss out on an opportunity, so I would spread myself too thin and wind up stressed, exhausted and oftentimes sick.

While I appeared to be successful on the outside, on the inside I felt like a disorganized, chaotic mess…

Fast forward to when I started my business. A big part of my intention in doing so was to have the ability to create more freedom in my schedule and more time for my family…Butold habits die hard and I quickly found myself working round-the-clock to get everything done. I felt more scattered than I had when I was in Corporate–and even briefly thought about how much easier it would be to give up and just go back.

The work I loved to do was starting to feel like a burden…and it was impacting my family life. I was glued to my laptop–even taking it to the bathroom with me so I could take advantage of a few extra minutes to get things done.

Eventually, my husband had to sit me down for an “intervention.” And after that, I knewsomething needed to change…that I needed to conquer this issue once and for all.

It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly and steadily, I turned things around. I researched and implemented best-practice time management strategies. I got crystalclear on my priorities. I created more balance in my schedule. I developed systems. I got support. I set boundaries. I stopped worrying about the things that were neither urgent nor important. I became more strategic and intentional.

And eventually, I began to feel peaceful and focusedI now have FUN in my business on a daily basis–and  my bottom line has improved in the process!

work calmly and get more done. I end my days feeling satisfied that I’ve made real progress. I have more time for the people I love and the things I enjoy.

And I know this is possible for you, too.

Here’s the good news: Mastering your time is a completely learnable skill. Even if you’ve spent a lifetime in overwhelm as I had, it’s possible for you to get things under control…and I’d love the chance to show you how.

Join me this Wednesday at 12pm Eastern for “Six-Figure Productivity Secrets: Guaranteed Ways to Achieve More in Less Time.”  (Get all the details here:http://bit.ly/17fCXDq.)

I want to share the tips and strategies that worked so well for me with you.

Let me help you move from CHAOS to CALM…so you can ultimately build a more PEACEFUL and PROFITABLE business. Trust me, once you begin operating in this way, you’ll never go back.

Register now to get the call details: http://bit.ly/17fCXDq.

Look forward to “seeing” you on Wednesday!


P.S. Even if you think you’ve tried everything to get organized and better manage your time, please don’t give up on yourself yet. Join me on Wednesday to get my top productivity tips and strategies. Sign up for this FREE training call here:  http://bit.ly/17fCXDq.