25 Ways to Repurpose Your Content for Greater Exposure

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by Dana on September 5, 2013

As you likely know, I’m a big proponent of content marketing. Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable content to attract and engage a target audience–with the objective of driving profitable action.

If you currently use this strategy, you know that it takes time and energy to do so–so since you’re already putting that effort in, I believe in repurposing it wherever and whenever you can. This way, you maximize your exposure with your peeps–as different people prefer to consume content in different ways. Below, you’ll find 25 places to share your original content.

Places to repurpose individual pieces of content (e.g., articles)

  1. On your blog
  2. In your ezine, as your featured article of the week
  3. On your personal Facebook page
  4. On your Facebook business page
  5. On Twitter
  6. On Google +
  7. On Linked In
  8. On Pinterest
  9. In individual Facebook groups that you may be a part of
  10. In individual LinkedIn groups that you may belong to
  11. Article marketing services (e.g., Ezine Articles)
  12. As guest blog posts (some bloggers require that guest posts have not been featured anywhere else, but for other bloggers it’s ok)
  13. As a podcast on iTunes
  14. As a video on YouTube
  15. As a submissiono a local business journal
  16. As a media pitch
  17. In your email signature

Places to repurpose multiple pieces of related content

  1. As a “best of” collection for an e-book
  2. In a Teleseminar
  3. In an evergreen webinar
  4. As your “can’t resist gift”
  5. In a live speaking engagement
  6. In a live workshop
  7. In a virtual course
  8. In the curriculum for a Mastermind program


I’d love to hear…Do you repurpose your content? Do you have any additional ideas to add? Please go ahead and post in the comments below…