13 Opt-in Offer Options

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by Dana on October 10, 2013

opt-in-list-building1As you likely already know, building a list of targeted prospects is one of the most important keys to growing your business. And how do you build that list? By creating a “can’t resist” opt-in offer—something of value that you provide to your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses and the opportunity to communicate with them going forward. But many business owners struggle with what to offer…That’s why I’m sharing 13 options to choose from in this week’s success strategy.

1) Checklist – This is one of the easiest opt-in offers to create. Give your prospects a simple checklist to help them with one of their current challenges.

2) Free Report – This is one of the most common opt-in offers (in fact, it’s the one I’m currently using). Share some simple tips to help your leads move toward their goals.

3) E-book – Share your expertise in the form of an e-book. You can get one of your teleseminars transcribed, clean it up and edit it into e-book format, or even take your top 10 blog posts and repurpose them in your e-book. You could also consider a collaborative e-book, where several experts contribute to its production.

4) E-course – You could take some of the same content you would use in the above examples and repackage it into “bite-sized chunks” to distribute in a “drip campaign” over a period of a week or so. This conditions your subscribers to expect to receive regular emails from you.

5) Audio recording If you love to talk, an .mp3 audio download could be the best option for you. And by hearing your voice, your subscribers will likely feel a stronger connection to you than they might from the written word alone. You can sign up for a free conference call line and record yourself teaching. Simply download the recording and upload it to your website for your leads to access.

6) Video series If you’re a natural on camera, you might want to take the opportunity to teach something to your prospects on video. Seeing you in person on video will also expedite your “know, like, trust” factor. You’ll want your videos to look professional, but there are many options out there with flip cams and  SmartPhones, user-friendly editing software, and YouTube for hosting so you do this at little cost. Just make sure you have good lighting and sound!

7) CD/DVD Rather than providing a download for your subscribers, you could also send them an actual hardcopy CD or DVD in the mail. While there’s obviously an associated cost to doing this, you’ll be getting their mailing addresses (super valuable for future marketing communications) and there’s a higher perceived value to something they can hold in their hands.

8) Assessment – An assessment is a great option to help you show your prospects the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. This is a great tool to help you position you and your services or products as the solution to bridge that gap.

9) Guide to Help Position the Purchase – This is another great option. Provide your subscribers with a list of things to consider when selecting someone to help them with the challenge they’re facing…and provide examples of how you fit those characteristics.

10) Template, Script, Worksheet, Tool – People love practical tools and templates they can immediately put to use. There is huge perceived value to this option!

11) Resources or Recommended Vendors/Suppliers – Share your personal rolodex of recommended resources with your prospects. Finding quality vendors and suppliers is often a challenge so people LOVE getting referrals from trusted sources to help them speed up the process.

12) Discount/coupon  Give your prospects a discount or coupon to use on their first purchase.

13) Contest – Lastly, you might want to consider having a monthly drawing for something of value. For example, prospects could enter to win a one-hour coaching session with you.


I’d love to hear…Which of these options resonated most with you?  Are you ready to get started creating your “can’t resist” opt-in offer? Please go ahead and post in the comments below…