Are you ready to invest in yourself & unleash your full potential? (old)

The best investment you can make is in yourself—and your personal growth. I’m always amazed at how many people are willing to invest in things outside themselves—for example, they are quick to put their hard-earned dollars in the stock market, or they’re willing to sink their life savings into a home that they can’t quite afford—but they hesitate when it comes time to invest in the only thing they truly have control over—themselves and their potential.

I’m guessing that deep down, you feel like you have more to offer the world—that you have untapped potential inside of you just waiting to come alive.

How many more days, weeks and months of your life are you willing to waste, feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your life? Your career? Your finances? Your relationships?

Ask yourself: If you continue along the path you’re currently on, where will you be five years from now? Are you going to have the same job? Are you going to be living the same life? Are you going to be just as unhappy, stressed and personally unfulfilled as you are now? Or…

Are you going to make a bold move and step into your power and purpose today?

I have a rule in my house: You can’t complain about something you’re not willing to change. Transforming your life and your career doesn’t happen by accident. I can tell you from experience that it takes one key thing: ACTION.

My guess is that you’re not completely clear on how to get to the next level in your life and career. If you did, you’d already be there. So the way I see it, you can spend your time, energy and money trying to figure it all out on your own—or you can tap into me as a resource to catapult yourself forward.

With my shortcuts, tips, resources, guidance and support, you will get bigger results faster—with less effort.

Here’s what you can expect as a client:

  • I will hold up a mirror and help you see what’s possible—the brilliance in you that you may not yet see for yourself.
  • I will pull you into your future, challenging you to stretch further than you’d naturally grow on your own.
  • I will expect more of you than you expect of yourself.
  • I will help you up-level your expectations for your life and let go of the fears that are keeping you small.
  • I will be someone who believes in you and is willing to take a stand for you.
  • I will provide actionable, educational, inspiring ideas and information to help you live and work happier, healthier, smarter and wealthier.
  • I will hold you accountable and keep you moving forward.
  • I will take complex information and break it down into formulas that are easy to follow, make sense and are effective—formulas that you can apply instantly.
  • In essence, you’re in the driver’s seat, and I’m the person riding shotgun who’s been to the place you’re travelling to before and has all the necessary maps, travel guides and a GPS to get you there.

So I ask: What is all of this worth to you? Do you want to struggle to re-invent the wheel or will you follow the proven path to success?

Yes, Dana – I want to follow the proven path to success. 

What’s the next step?

Congratulations! This is a defining moment for you!!!

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