Are you ready to invest in yourself & unleash your full potential?

I work with a select number of private clients to help them learn how to more efficiently & effectively market their businesses so they attract more clients, make more money and have more time & freedom to enjoy it all.

If you think you may be ready to transform your life and business, I recommend that you review the detailed Q&A below to learn more about my coaching style, the clients I work best with, and the results people who work with me typically achieve.

Who do you work with?

I work with highly motivated, service-based entrepreneurs who are looking to attract more clients and make more money.

My typical client loves what she does in her business, but struggles with self-promotion, marketing and selling. She is at a point where she’s feeling stuck in her business. She’s working long hours, but not seeing the results she’d like to be seeing—in terms of number of clients and profit. She knows deep, down that her business has potential, but she is unsure of the exact steps to take to fully unleash that potential.

Who do you NOT work with?

My programs are NOT for anyone who is experiencing a major financial crisis—at least not right away. I’ve found that people struggling to pay the bills are unable to focus on their coaching exercises and goals. If this describes you, I recommend that you sign up for my free coaching tips and advice. Take advantage of my free report (9 Simple Secrets to Building a Thriving Business), ezine and calls. (Just enter your name and email address in the box at the top right.) The free information will help you get started working toward your goals until you’re ready and able to work with me one-on-one.

I also—without exception—will not work with people who are unwilling to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives, who make excuses for not completing coaching assignments, who are late or don’t show up for their sessions, or who challenge the program every step of the way. If you’re one of these people, I wish you the best of luck, but feel that working together would not be a good fit (sorry).

How are you different from other business coaches?

I believe there are 3 things that separate me from other business coaches:

  • First, in addition to having incredibly strong marketing skills, I’m really good at helping my clients develop systems in their businesses to make them much more efficient, so they’re able to have more time & freedom to enjoy the additional clients and money they’re able to attract as a result of working together.
  • Second, I have a knack for taking complex information and breaking it down into step-by-step formulas that are easy to follow, make sense and are effective—formulas that my clients can apply instantly. Because of that, those who coach with me start seeing results right away and achieve their goals in record-time.
  • And third, I’m known for stretching people’s visions of what they can achieve in their businesses – and even more importantly, their visions of who they think they can be…because one of the best ways to grow your business is to grow yourself.

What exactly is the “Build Your Six Figure Business” Blueprint™ and what does it include?

To have a thriving business & abundant life, you must consistently implement effective small business marketing strategies & tactics, become incredibly productive & master your success mindset. I address all 3 pillars in my 7-step “Build Your Six Figure Business” Blueprint. Here’s a summary of the steps:

  1. Build a Rock Solid Foundation In order to build a successful business, you must make sure your foundation is strong. In this step, we work on mapping out your big vision and goals, defining your niche and ideal clients, identifying what makes you stand out from your competitors, establishing what your brand will stand for, researching what your ideal clients really want and getting clear on the results your clients get from working with you.
  2. Refine Your Product & Service Offerings Next, we take a look at your pricing and how you’re currently packaging your services. We look at developing multiple income streams—to include active, leveraged and passive income. We also look at building a strategic “funnel” of offerings, so there are options at different price points to suit different needs—and each offer has a logical next step.
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Plan to Grow Your Tribe Here, we work on shifting your mindset around marketing and helping you understand that it doesn’t have to feel “yucky”. We establish how much time you really should be spending on your marketing and review some basic principles of relationship, information and direct marketing. Then, we select the offline and online strategies that make the most sense for your brand and overall business objectives.
  4. Create Compelling Marketing Materials That Do 90% of the Selling for You At this point, we’re ready to create your actual marketing materials (e.g., your tagline, elevator pitch, business cards, website, blog, bio, etc.). The key is to use these materials strategically to help your ideal clients self-select and pre-qualify themselves—before they even reach out to you.
  5. Launch & Close Like a Pro Here, we’ll review different models that have proven to be effective for converting prospects to paying clients. We’ll also focus on your launches—how much time you need to market them effectively, how to make your offers irresistible and techniques for dramatically increasing your sales.
  6. Maximize Your Productivity As we know, a great many people are busy, but few are successful. There is a ton of work involved in running a business. Here, you’ll learn how to “ruthlessly prioritize” and I’ll teach you the most effective and efficient ways to use your time as a business owner, so you get the most “bang for your buck,” so to speak.
  7. Master Your Mindset In order to grow your business, you MUST focus on growing yourself. In this final step, we focus on eliminating any of the ways you may be self-sabotaging your business success—whether it be through lack of confidence, procrastination, indecisiveness or “playing small.”

What results can I expect from coaching with you—and how fast will I see those results?

You can expect to:

  • Expand your vision of what’s possible in your business
  • Define your niche
  • Get clear on your ideal clients
  • Discover what your ideal clients want most and how you can make your offers irresistible
  • Learn how to network more effectively
  • Implement consistent “keep in touch” strategies so you’re always on your referral partners’ and prospects’ radars
  • Create programs and packages that sell
  • Grow your list
  • Increase your sales conversion
  • Increase your number of referrals
  • Explore options for creating multiple income streams in your business (active, leveraged & passive income)
  • Create a 12-month launch, marketing and list-building calendar, so you know what you should be focusing at any given moment
  • Find ways to build systems in your business and work more efficiently to achieve more in less time
  • Learn what you should be outsourcing in your business and how to do so effectively
  • Get templates, tools & resources to help you take action quickly
  • Improve your financial stability
  • Start feeling happier, less stressed and more personally fulfilled!

In terms of how rapidly you will see results, many clients begin to see results within the first one or two months. But the real answer is that the speed at which you get results and how powerful those results are largely depends on you—your commitment, how much you put into the program and your willingness to be completely honest with yourself and take responsibility for implementing what you learn.

Clearly, large visionary goals (which I encourage my clients to have!) can take some time to achieve – but if you take consistent steps every day in the right direction, diligently apply the tools and tips you receive in our sessions, and take bold, decisive action, you’ll find that the implementation time, stress level and effort required to reach your goal will be dramatically reduced.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Absolutely! Please go to the Client Success page to learn more about the results others have achieved with me. If there’s someone in particular that you’d like to contact, feel free to email and we’ll connect the two of you so you can personally ask them what they got from working with me and my programs.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course, no one can guarantee the specific results a person will get from coaching, but I am so confident in my coaching abilities that I am willing to take all the risk and guarantee my clients’ satisfaction with my coaching process. If at any time a client is not content with the direction of the coaching, she can simply let me know—and we can make the necessary adjustments.

If, at the end of our time together, that client has taken all the actions she agreed to, followed through with a 100% commitment to her progress, and is not satisfied with how she was coached, I will return the coaching fees that were paid to me.

Bottom line: I want you to be a happy and successful client.

Ok. Based on what I’ve seen, I’m interested in working with you. What’s the next step?

Congratulations! This is a defining moment for you!!!

Email or call 401.374.5362 to schedule a call to learn more about my one-on-one programs and see if working together would be a good fit.